FAQs to Remember

We hope your student enjoys participating in Reflections. Because the entry process can be confusing, we’ve collected this list of FAQs to help everyone have a positive experience. If you a have a question that is not answered below, please email our 2022-23 Reflections Council Chair, Meghan Jenkins.

Q: Can a student submit an entry in more than one category or multiple entries in the same category?
A: A student cannot submit the same entry in more than one category. However, a student can (and should!) submit multiple different entries in many categories! For example, a student could submit 2 different Visual Arts entries and a Photography entry. Each entry requires a separate student entry form.

Q: Can my student enter something they made at school or did over the summer?
A: Yes, they can! However, please remember that judging is based on how they have interpreted the theme: Show Your Voice!

Q: Do both the parent and the student have to sign the entry form?
A: YES! In fact, entry forms that are NOT signed will not be considered.

Q: Do I need to add a title?
A: Yes, a title for each piece is required. You’ll find a space for it on the entry form.

Q: I am submitting a 3D pottery piece?  How should I protect it from getting broken?
A: You must provide sufficient packaging of your 3D piece, no matter what medium has been used. Please note: while a student submits a 3D piece for local judging, students need to submit three photographs for the state and national judging. Every effort will be taken for complete care in the handling, storage and display process. 

Q: How do I submit my piece?
A: When your student’s artwork and entry form are complete, simply place it in the Reflections Submission Box located inside each school’s main office. BVECPTA can be dropped off at Normandy. There is a pocket folder for USB drives and/or DVDs attached to the front so those items do not get lost. Our Reflections Chairs will be collecting submissions December 5th-December 9th, 2022.

Q: How do I know my artwork won’t get lost?  Should I take a photo of it, just in case?
A: For safety’s sake, you should take a picture of your art and keep a copy of your student entry form that was attached to it. Every effort will be taken for complete care in the handling, storage and display process. See complete contest rules for more details. Entries that receive awards at the state level will not immediately be returned. They will go on traveling exhibit throughout the state of Ohio, starting with the Columbus, Ohio offices of PTA.  Ohio PTA states winning entries will be returned after September 2023.

Q: Should I have my student sign their artwork?
A: No, the student SHOULD NOT sign (art, photography or literature) on the FRONT of the entry. The student can sign on the back. Please be sure to tape (attach) your entry form to the BACK of the piece.

Q: What does “Sturdy Backing” mean for Visual Arts and Photography entries?
A: This means that the entry must be mounted in a way that it cannot be folded, rolled or bent. Acceptable backing includes foam core, press board, canvas board, cardboard (solid piece no seams or folds), and thick mat board.  The following are NOT recommended as backing material: Poster board, card stock, scrapbooking paper, construction paper, wood framed canvas, and glass. Entries (at state level) not mounted on a sturdy backing may be disqualified. An entry that is surrounded by a mat but is not backed to prevent folding, rolling or bending may be disqualified. ***This backing is NOT required unless an entry is sent to Ohio PTA for state judging***

Q: How are the pieces judged?
A: Art Pieces in each category are blind judged in three areas:

Interpretation of Theme (20 points)
How closely the piece relates to the theme (Show Your Voice!), based on the artwork itself and the artist statement

Artistic Merit/Creativity(10 points)
How creative the piece is in its conception of the theme and its presentation

Mastery of Medium(10 Points)
The level of skill demonstrated in the basic principles or techniques of the arts area.

If two entries are tied, the entry with the higher score for interpretation of theme received more recognition. No judge critiqued art to which they have a relationship with the artist. Determinations of the judges are final, and judges should not be contacted in anyway to dispute a judgement.

Q: What is the timeline of the program/important dates?
A: Important dates are as follows:

  • The student entry deadline is December 5th-December 9th, 2022. Pieces must be placed in the Reflections collection box at their school. Pieces will be judged on the local level in December. The results of the local judging are withheld until our local celebration/awards ceremony in April.  Parents/students will be notified if their piece is advancing on to the State of Ohio in late January via email.
  • Parents/students will be notified in late March if their students piece placed at the State of Ohio, and will be advancing onto the National PTA. You will receive an e-mail from the local Reflections chair, and a letter in the mail from the State of Ohio.
  • Parents/Students will be invited to our local celebration/awards ceremony. This is typically in March or April, 2023.
  • Arrangements will be made to get artwork returned to students after the awards ceremony. Works that have won awards at the state level will not be immediately returned. These pieces will be on traveling exhibit around the state of Ohio, beginning with the Columbus offices of Ohio PTA. 

Q: Do I have to be a member of PTA for my student to enter?
A: It is highly recommended, but not a reason to not enter. You can join the Bay Village Early Childhood PTA at BVECPTA.org.
All Bay PTA schools memberships can be found at one site at https://my.cheddarup.com/c/bay-village-pta-2022-2023.

If your question has not been answered above, please feel free to contact the 2022-23 Bay Village Council Reflections Volunteer Coordinator – Meghan Jenkins.